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Dream Center Church in Atlanta Playing ‘Swag Surfin’ During New Years Service Sparks Controversy

On the last night of 2023, thousands of people gathered at the Dream Center Church of Atlanta to welcome the new year with worship and praise. But this was not your typical church service. The congregation, led by Bishop William Murphy III, rocked the house with a lively rendition of “Swag Surfin’”, a hip-hop song by the Fast Life Yungstaz, a local rap group. The video of the performance, which was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube, has gone viral, attracting millions of views and comments from across the world.

How Social Media Reacted to Dream Center Church of Atlanta Playing the Swag Surfin’ Rap Song

The video shows the church members, dancing and singing along to the catchy tune, while waving their hands in the air. Bishop Murphy, who is also a Grammy-nominated gospel singer, leads the chorus, as the speakers play the upbeat music. The atmosphere is festive and joyful, as the crowd cheers and claps, creating a wave-like motion that resembles surfing.

The song, which was released in 2009, is a popular anthem for the Atlanta culture, especially among the African American community. The lyrics express confidence and pride, as well as a sense of unity and solidarity. The song has been used in various occasions, such as sports events, parties, and protests, to create a positive vibe and a sense of belonging.

However, not everyone was impressed by the church’s choice of music. Some people on social media criticized the performance, saying that it was inappropriate and disrespectful to play hip-hop music during a church service, especially on New Year’s Eve.

They argued that the song was secular and worldly, and that it did not glorify God or reflect the true meaning of worship. They also questioned the church’s doctrine and integrity, and accused them of compromising their faith for popularity and entertainment.

Others, however, defended the church’s decision, saying that it was a creative and relevant way to connect with the culture and the community. They praised the church for being inclusive and diverse, and for celebrating their faith and culture with joy and enthusiasm.

They also pointed out that the song had a positive message and a catchy beat, and that it was a fun and harmless way to express themselves and have a good time. They also found the video hilarious and uplifting.

Dream Church of Atlanta dancing to Swag Surfin' During New Years Service
Many people were shocked after seeing Dream Church of Atlanta Dancing to Swag Surfin’ During New Years Service Image Credit: Twitter/X

The video showcases the unique and vibrant culture of Atlanta, a city that is known for its diversity and creativity. Atlanta, which is home to a rich mix of cultures, including African American, Hispanic, and Asian communities, has a strong influence on the music, art, and entertainment industries.

The city is a hub for hip-hop and RnB, as well as other genres of music, and has produced many famous artists, such as Outkast, Usher, TLC, Ludacris, and T.I. Atlanta also has a thriving art scene, with galleries, museums, and festivals throughout the year.

The video also demonstrates how the church, which is one of the largest and most influential in the city, embraces and engages with the culture, while staying true to its faith and mission. The church, which was founded in 1926, has a history of social activism and community service, and has been involved in various causes, such as civil rights, education, and health. The church also has a diverse and dynamic congregation, with members from different backgrounds, ages, and walks of life.

The church’s viral New Years service performance of “Swag Surfin’” is a testament to their vision and values, as well as to the culture and spirit of Atlanta. It is a celebration of faith and culture, of unity and diversity, of tradition and innovation.

It is a reflection of how Atlanta has a culture of its own, that always seems to be unconventional and original, in terms of what is considered normal. However, it’s also easy to see why some people might find it strange for a church to playing rap music during a time of worship.

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