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Did Cooper Noriega Predict His Own Death? Details on the Cooper Noriega Death Conspiracy Theory

Social media was sent into sorrow when it was reported that TikTok superstar Cooper Noriega is dead at only 19 years old. The details on how he died are just about as unbelievable as a 19 year old dying the way he did. For most people they would say a situation like this would be considered unexpected, but there’s evidence that could show that Cooper Noriega knew he was going to die young.

Did Cooper Noriega Commit Suicide? Details on How Cooper Noriega Was Found Dead

According to Los Angeles reports someone called 911 after they saw Cooper Noriega laying lifeless on the ground of a mall parking lot. Emergency personnel pronounced Cooper Noriega dead at the scene after failed attempts to restore his breathing and heartbeat. Reports say Cooper Noriega’s autopsy showed there were no signs of trauma as they continue trying to discover his true cause of death. Based on the current details some people have a theory that Cooper Noriega committed suicide, or suffered some type of sudden heart issue. However, the suicide theory is unlikely because there is proof he didn’t want to die.

Did Cooper Noriega Predict His Own Death? Cooper Noriega’s Last TikTok Post Fuels Conspiracy Theory

There’s a possibility that Cooper Noriega might have known he was going to die soon. Cooper Noriega’s last TikTok post before his death was an accurate description of the exact way he would die. In the post Noriega wrote “who else be thinking they going to die young as f***“. He added a laughing emoji after the somber question, but it was more like a facade to hide some type of emotional pain. It appears possible the Cooper Noriega predicted his own death, so the big question people want to know is what he knew that caused him to think about dying young.

Cooper Noriega’s Last TikTok Post

The last time a celebrity seemed to predict their own death it was the legendary Chadwick Boseman. In a video some months before his death he made a comment that seemed to convey he already knew his future circumstances.

Did Cooper Noriega predict his own death, or is it just a tragic coincidence? Is it possible Cooper Noriega committed suicide, and the post was his way of letting the world know what he was planning?

Whatever the truth may be the tragedy remains the same. Prayers up for his family through this tough time.

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