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Kwame Brown Talks about Shannon Sharpe’s Alleged Elevator Incident with White Woman While Responding to ‘Tallest Farmer Ever’ Diss

The feud between Kwame Brown and Shannon Sharpe has been heating up on social media lately. The former NBA player and the Fox Sports analyst have been exchanging insults and accusations over their respective careers and opinions. Here is a brief overview of how the beef started and what has been said so far.

How the Beef Started

It all began when Kwame Brown criticized LeBron James for his performance in the 2023 Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets. Brown, who played for the Lakers from 2005 to 2008, posted a video on Instagram where he slammed James for not taking a pull-up jumper on the last play of Game 4, which the Lakers lost. James drove to the basket and got blocked by Aaron Gordon, which Brown said was a sign of lack of confidence in his jump shot.

Brown also claimed that James was not a leader, and that he needed Anthony Davis to bail him out. He compared James unfavorably to Kobe Bryant, who he said would never pass up a shot in a clutch situation. Brown insinuated that James was overrated and that he did not deserve to be in the conversation of the greatest players of all time.

Sharpe’s Response

This did not sit well with Shannon Sharpe, who is one of James’ biggest fans and defenders. Sharpe, who co-hosts the show Undisputed with Skip Bayless on Fox Sports, responded to Brown’s remarks on air. He called Brown the “tallest farmer ever” and mocked his NBA career, which was widely considered a bust. Sharpe said that Brown had no right to talk about James or any other player, since he was a scrub who averaged only 6.6 points and 5.5 rebounds per game in his 12-year career.


Kwame Brown Curses Out Shannon Sharpe in Clap Back

Brown did not let Sharpe’s insults slide. He recorded a video on Instagram Live, where he unleashed a profanity-laced tirade against Sharpe. He accused them of being biased and dishonest in their analysis of sports. He also brought up an alleged elevator incident involving Sharpe and a white woman, which Sharpe denied and sued over in 2010.

Brown said that Sharpe had to answer to his “white masters”, and that he was a puppet for Fox Sports. He said that Sharpe had to wake up early every day to work for his white bosses, while he didn’t because he was an entrepreneur who invested in different businesses and was his own boss. He also said that he isn’t a farmer, although he owns a tractor.

Brown has gained a lot of attention and support from fans who appreciate his honesty and humor. He has also sparked a debate about whether he deserves more respect for his NBA career, or whether he is justified in his attacks on his critics.

The beef between Brown and Sharpe shows no signs of ending anytime soon. It is one of the most entertaining and controversial feuds in sports media right now.

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