Screenshot from ICON Park Video Shows Why a 14 Year Old Teen is Dead After Falling From Free Fall Amusement Park Ride

Amusement Parks are usually places of enjoyment that people go to get away from the stresses of everyday life, and enjoy the thrills of some scary rides. These attractions usually have strict safety procedures put in place to make sure nothing goes wrong when pedestrians are on a ride. However, every once in awhile something goes wrong such as the case of a 14 year old who died at ICON Park in Orlando Florida.

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ICON Park Video Shows Why a 14 Year Old Teen Tyre Sampson is Dead After Falling From Free Fall Amusement Park Ride in Orlando

The Free Fall ride at ICON Park is one of those amusement park attractions where are ring of seats if place around a tower that goes up several stories then drops before a break system safely slows it down. The issues with this ride was that the safety harness that holds people into their seats malfunctioned. Sadly there are some reports that allege some people notice there was something wrong with safety harness even before the ride started, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

The video of the 14 year old teen falling from the Free Fall Amusement Park Ride at ICON Park shows that the force of the ride plunging to ground probably compounded to the injuries the victim suffered. In the footage you will see that as the ride was coming to a stop the 14 year old was catapulted from his seat toward the ground. It happened so fast that it seemed like onlookers didn’t even realize what transpired until they were closer to the ground. The ICON park victim’s name was Tyre Sampson.

According to police reports the Tyre Sampson was still alive before he was transported to the hospital in Orange County, but later died from the injuries he sustained. At the moment it hasn’t been confirmed why the ICON park ride malfunctioned, but the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is investigating.

RIP Tyre Sampson, and prayers up for his family. The ICON Park Free Fall ride was opened just three months ago in December 2021, and it should be shut down permanently after this.

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