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Here is Why People are Upset Rajon Rondo Got Ejected for Slapping Terry Rozier in Back of His Head

Lakers game against Hornets took a controversial turn in the 4th quarter when Rajon Rondo committed what referees saw as a dirty non basketball play. However, social media wasn’t happy about the punishment he got for the incident.

Why Did Rajon Rondo Get Ejected For Slapping Terry Rozier in the Back of His Head?

On the play question Rajon Rondo hit Terry Rozier in the back of his head while he was driving to the rim. Rajon Rondo got ejected after referees gave him a flagrant 2 foul.

Slow motion replay would show that Rajon Rondo seemed to be swiping for the ball right after the moment Terry Rozier lifted it above his head to avoid being stripped. However, it may have been the way Rajon Rondo stared down Terry Rozier on the ground that really made the referees decide to eject him.

While it does look like Rondo was going for the ball, it seemed like he was taunting Terry Rozier after hitting him in the head. Some people think that Rondo thought he might get away with hitting Rozier by making it look like a basketball play, which is why he stared him down after.

In this situation the referees probably made the safest call by ejecting Rajon Rondo. Plays like that can lead to a more serious altercation historically speaking. Especially when there is some slight evidence of malicious intent or taunting after the play is over.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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