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Here is Allegedly Why an MMA Fighter Got Choked Out During His Pre-Fight Interview

A shocking video has gone viral on social media, showing an MMA fighter getting choked out by his opponent during a pre-fight press conference interview. The incident reportedly took place at a press event for an upcoming fight between two Russian fighters.

The video shows the MMA Fighter named Zalik sneaking behind his opponent while he was arguing with another person, and applying a rear-naked choke on him. Strangely he did not try to resist, and soon lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor. After the attacker released his grip the hosts and others rushed to help the unconscious fighter.

The video was recently posted by Fight Haven, a Twitter account that covers viral altercations. The tweet has received over millions of views and thousands of comments from shocked and outraged viewers. However, the incident actually happened a few months ago. Some of people called for the MMA fighter to be banned from the sport for his unsportsmanlike conduct, while others questioned whether the whole thing was staged for publicity.


Why Did the MMA Fighter Get Choked Out During his Pre-Event Press Conference Interview?

According to some reports, there was allegedly a deep grudge between the two fighters that may have stemmed from one allegedly insulting the family and religion of other, which sounds a lot like the beef between McGregor and Khabib. However, many still believe that the two fighters orchestrated the choking incident as a prank or a stunt to hype up their fight.

MMA fans have been divided over whether to believe that the incident was real or fake. Some of them pointed out that the choke was very forceful, and that victim passing out looked genuinely real.

Others, however, noted that the incident seemed too convenient and coincidental to be true. They wondered why no one intervened or stopped the MMA fighter when he started choking his opponent out the blue. Also, there didn’t seem to be any struggle before it happened, almost as if both parties were willing.

Regardless of whether the incident was real or fake, it has certainly generated a lot of attention and controversy for both fighters.

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