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Is Young MA Sick? Videos of Young MA in a Wheelchair and with Yellow Eyes Has People Worried About Her Health

Is Young MA sick? The New York native is one of the most talented and influential female rappers in the industry, known for her hit songs like “Ooouuu” and “Hello Baby”. However, recently, she has been making headlines for a different reason: her health.

Does Young MA Have Jaundice or Liver Failure?

A video of Young MA getting her hair done surfaced online and sparked concern among her fans. In the video, her eyes appeared to be yellowish, which could be a sign of jaundice or liver failure. Jaundice is a condition where excess bilirubin, a yellow-orange pigment, builds up in the blood and causes the skin and whites of the eyes to turn yellow. Liver failure is a serious condition where the liver stops functioning properly, and can lead to life-threatening complications.

Some fans were quick to speculate that Young MA’s health issue could be liver related due to her history of alcohol abuse, which she has openly talked about in the past. For example in an interview with VICE, she revealed that she used to battle drinking problems. In some cases even when you overcome issues like that the damage it causes to internal organs can last much longer, sometimes rearing their head later in life.

Young MA was Seen in a Wheelchair Back in December 2022

This wouldn’t be the first time Young MA’s health has been a topic of conversation. Near the end of last year a video went viral on social media showing Young MA using a grocery store wheelchair while shopping. This could indicate that she has been sick for some months now. However, the two videos could also be completely unrelated.

Hopefully Young MA isn’t sick, and she was just having a rough day in these videos. The old saying goes “health is wealth”, and when you see situations like this it really brings that into perspective.

Young MA has always seemed like a strong woman, so even if she is battling a health issue she probably will be able to defeat it, at least we can hope that.