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New White Rapper from Philly “OT the Real” Dubbed the White Jadakiss Is Going Viral and Has Been Cosigned by Shaq

A new white rapper from Philly who goes by “OT the Real” is going viral. He’s an independent artist not signed by any major label yet, but has still amassed a large following due to the realness of his music.

OT the Real has been cosigned by Shaq, and has an album coming out that will be featuring well known artists such as Styles P, Saigon, and even Beanie Sigel. Some people are calling him the white Jadakiss, due to his rapping style. As you probably know Jadakiss with his raspy voice has some of the most iconic cadences in hip-hop history.

This song below really shows how much “OT The Real” sounds like Jadakiss with his raspy voice.

Will OT the Real take Meek Mill’s spot as the most popular rapper from Philadelphia? Only time will tell, but he’s definitely making a name for himself already. He has the city behind him 100%.

Will Meek Mill cosign him too? Or will he become jealous, and see OT as a threat to reign as the King of Philly?

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