Do you ever wonder what Michael Jackson would have looked like in his older days if never underwent an extensive amount of plastic surgery? How different would he have looked if the circumstances of his life didn’t lead him to seek a drastic change in his physical appearance? A possible answer to those question came with help of computing power.

Does AI Generated Michael Jackson without Plastic Surgery or Vitiligo Look Like Jesus?

AI generated images have been a hot topic in recent years due to how advanced they have become. For example recently the very scary AI Generated woman named ‘Loab’ sent fear through social media. The impact these images created from the minds of a computer can have is amazing. The trend continued yesterday when an AI Generated Michael Jackson if he never got plastic surgery or vitiligo went viral on Twitter. It seems artificial intelligence thinks he would have had a full grown beard.

On social media as the photo began to spread many people said the AI generated Michael Jackson resembles Jesus. Some people described the photo as looking Middle Eastern. The photo is reportedly part of the “As if Nothing Happened” project.

This reactions to the photo are ironic, because in theory Jesus is almost always depicted wrong in drawings. Considering the area where Jesus was from the AI Generated image of Michael Jackson is likely much more accurate at depicting his physical appearance.

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