Look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane, no it’s Jupiter. Today is a very special day for the cosmos. A day so rare after it happens it won’t happen again for another 107 years. Today you’re definitely going to need some binoculars to fully experience this extremely rare astronomical event.

Here’s Why a Jupiter Astronomical Event, 1963, and 2129 are Going Viral on Monday September 26 2022

On this special day Jupiter’s orbit will make the most intimate connection it can to the planet Earth. On a regular day Jupiter is 367.51 million miles away from our planet. However, On Monday September 26 Jupiter will be the closest to Earth it’s ever been since 1963. It may not seem like a lot considering the large number, but on this date Jupiter will only be 367 million miles from Earth. That’s a reduction over 500,000 miles. To put that in perspective the moon is 238,900 miles away from our planet.

The most amazing part about this rare astronomical event is the view you can see with the help of binoculars. According to reports you will be able to see Jupiter’s bands and moons with the right binocular settings. This is a once in a life time moment for most people alive today, because it won’t happen again until 2129, which as aforementioned is about 107 years from now. Even people who are born today probably won’t experience this moment again in their lifetime, unless of course technology exists within the next 100 years that drastically extends human life.

Jupiter is a fascinating planet most known for that giant red spot, which is actually massive perpetual anticyclonic storm that is fueled by a region of high-pressure. It is officially confirmed to be largest storm of it’s kind in the entire solar system.

Real Image of Jupiter Taken by NASA’s Hubble Telescope

If you don’t have a pair of binoculars today might be the day to invest in some. Monday September 26 is Jupiter Day, and you don’t want to miss this moment in history.

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