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Is Joe Biden is Secretly Taking Control of Internet While People are Distracted by the Israel vs Gaza War? Details Behind Viral Conspiracy Theory

As the world’s attention is focused on the ongoing war between Israel and Gaza, a conspiracy theory is spreading online that claims President Joe Biden is taking advantage of the distraction to secretly give the government complete control over the internet in America.

Details Behind the Conspiracy Theory That Joe Biden is Secretly Trying to Take Control of the Internet During the Israel vs Hamas War

According to this theory, Biden is trying to rush his “Digital Equality Plan” with no vote from Congress, while people are preoccupied with the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. The plan, which was announced by the White House in June, allegedly aims to connect everyone in America to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet by 2030. However, some critics allege that the plan is actually a covert attempt to undermine the freedom and privacy of internet users and to stifle innovation and competition in the internet sector.

One of the most vocal opponents of the plan is Brendan Carr, the senior Republican on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Carr has accused Biden of launching a “secret power grab” to give the government full control of every aspect of the internet for the first time ever.

Carr claims that Biden’s plan will give the FCC unprecedented authority to regulate internet service providers (ISPs) and infrastructure, such as fiber optic cables and wireless towers.

Carr also warns that the plan will allow the FCC to impose unfunded build mandates on ISPs, along with unlimited monetary fines for not complying. Carr argues that these measures will increase costs for consumers, reduce choices, and discourage investment, and innovation. Carr has urged Congress to stop Biden’s plan before it is too late, saying that the final vote on the plan will happen on November 15.

However, supporters of the plan have dismissed Carr’s allegations as baseless and misleading. They argue that the plan is necessary to close the digital divide in the US, where more than 8.5 million households and small businesses are in areas where there is no high-speed internet infrastructure, and millions more struggle with limited or unreliable internet options.

They also believe that the plan will create jobs, boost the economy, and enhance national security by using materials made in America. Furthermore, they claim that the plan will protect consumers and workers from unfair practices and ensure that the internet remains open and accessible for all. They also emphasize that the plan will allegedly follow the highest standards of safety and security, as well as respect the privacy and civil rights of internet users.

Are the people defending Joe Biden’s Digital Equality Plan for the internet being bamboozled, or is Brendan Carr trying to bamboozle people into not supporting the plan?

Many prominent social media voices have posted videos trying to enlighten people on what is allegedly going in while the media is preoccupied by the Israel vs Hamas conflict.

The debate over the Joe Biden Digital Equality Plan conspiracy theory reflects the broader controversy over the role of the government in regulating the internet. While some argue that the government should intervene to ensure that the internet is fair, safe, and beneficial for everyone, others contend that the government should stay out of the internet, and let the market forces and the users decide.

As the deadline for the vote on the plan approaches, the question remains: who should have the power over the internet in America?

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