Before and After Photo of Mariupol Ukraine Showing Destruction Russia Airstrike Bombings Have Caused

Russia’s siege of Mariupol began back in February, and has continued steadily since then. The city located in Southeast Ukraine has been devastated by a continuous barrage of Russian airstrikes. As of March there are still hundreds of thousands of people still trapped in the city with no way to escape. A recent video showing how much the city has been damaged shows the horrors they are living in, because of Vladimir Putin.

Viral Video of Mariupol Ukraine Before and After Russian Airstrike Bombings Shows Destruction Vladimir Putin has Caused

A video showing drone recorded footage of Mariupol Ukraine before and after Russian bombings has gone viral on social media. What was once a beautiful city now looks like a scene from a Call of Duty World War video game. As many news stations have reported the devastation in Mariupol shows the surreal amount of Russian firepower they are facing off against in war that continues to take lives of so many innocent people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of the deadliest attacks on Mariupol was theatre bombing that killed over 300 people.

Why is Mariupol Ukraine so Important to Russia and Vladimir Putin?

According to reports Russia sees Mariupol as a key asset due to fact it is the largest trading port in Azov sea area. Ukraine made a lot of money exporting grain, iron, and steel to European and Middle Eastern countries from that port. By taking control of the area not only does it cut of a major source of revenue for Ukraine, it would also give Russia a major strategic advantage. Sadly it seems Vladimir Putin has gone into “if I can’t have it, nobody will” mode. Take a look at this tragic video of Mariupol Ukraine before and after Russian airstrike bombings.

Putin bombarded Mariupol to hell.

As the Ukraine War goes on people around the world continue to protest Russia’s actions. People in London have gathered to show support.

People Protesting Ukraine War in London.
People Protesting Ukraine War in London

People in Washington DC continue to support Ukraine.

People Protesting Ukraine War in Washington DC.
People Protesting Ukraine War in Washington DC

Even places like Germany have seen protesters show support for Ukraine. This war has impacted the entire world emotionally.

People Protesting Ukraine War in Berlin, Germany.
People Protesting Ukraine War in Berlin, Germany

Even after the war is over it will take many years for Ukraine to recover from the damage Russia has caused. The lives of Ukrainians who left the country, and the ones stuck in the country will likely never be the same. Sadly the before and after videos of Mariupol will only get worse, because Russia is still attacking the city.

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