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Video Shows Woman’s House Getting Robbed For All Her Designer Clothes and She Exposes Her Friends Set Her Up

They say when you’re house gets robbed 90% of the time someone you know had something to do with it. For one woman she is now afraid to bring friends into her life after her house was broken into, and the robbers went straight to one room and knew exactly where to go.

Video Shows Woman’s House Getting Robbed For All Her Designer Gear and She Reveals Her Friends Set Her Up

Instagram user parmoonx posted harrowing footage of the moment all her designer gear was stolen out her house, and she has hunch behind who is responsible. The woman described herself as private person who usually doesn’t bring friends into her home. The one time she made some new friends she thought she could trust, she apparently got set up.

As you’ll see in the footage below when the robbers broke into the woman’s house they went directly to her walk in closet. What makes her think she was set up by her friends was how easily the robbers navigated through her home as if they had already been in there before, or were told by someone else exactly where to go. The robbers were armed with guns, but luckily the woman wasn’t home when they broke in.

Her front door was left completely damaged by the robbers.

Photo of Parmoonx house robbery where all designer gear gets stolen.
Image Credit: Parmoonx Instagram

Here is the woman’s designer closet before and after the robbery.

Befor and After photo of Instagram user parmoonx house robbery of all designer clothing.
Image Credit: Parmoonx Instagram

Parmoonx exposed her friends set her up to be robbed in a lengthy message on Instagram. She’s going through a lot mentally after the scary ordeal.

Parmoonx explaining how her friends set her up to be robbed.

Although the woman didn’t state the monetary value of her losses, just based on the photos and videos there was likely around $200K or more in designer gear stolen from her closet.

There’s an old saying that goes “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer“, but sometimes in life your friends are also your worst enemy. In this case the woman should have kept her friends further away than any enemies she had.

Moral of the story is sometimes you really can’t trust anyone. Prayers up for this woman.