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New California Policy Lab Study May Show People are Leaving California Due to Vaccine Mandates and COVID Restrictions

California used to be known as a dream vacation destination and place to live, but with the recent policies that have been put in place it seems to be becoming a place that people want to leave or avoid at all costs. As we all know California has some of the strictest COVID laws and vaccine mandates in America besides New York, which have been proven not to work in terms of slowing the spread of the virus. The consequences of these seemingly pointless policies may paint a grim future for California according to a new California Policy Lab study.

Are People Leaving California at Higher Rates Due to COVID-19 Restrictions and Vaccine Mandates?

According to the California Policy Lab study since the pandemic began the rate of people moving into California dropped by 38%. Out-of-state entrances into California declined the most in San Francisco, Santa Clara, and San Mateo, which saw their rates decline by as much as 54%.

In addition the overall rate of people moving out of California has increased from 16.3% pre-pandemic, to 20.3% during the pandemic. The increase of people leaving California has been seen in 52 out of 58 counties in the state. The Bay Area also known as San Francisco has seen highest increase of residents leaving with an astronomical 27% upward trend.

While there could be many things causing people to flee or avoid California, such as their rising crime rates, the biggest thing that has changed is the State government’s persistence on taking away people’s liberties.

Not many people would want to live in a place that mandates experimental vaccines for children to able to go to school and learn. It probably isn’t pleasant living in place where you have to get a vaccine that won’t stop you from spreading or catching COVID just to eat at a restaurant. People California can’t even go to NBA or NFL games without being vaccinated, which is crazy because it even applies to people who have recovered from COVID and have natural immunity. In some countries natural immunity is considered the same as being vaccinated.

Despite their vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions California is still seeing higher COVID infection rates than states like Florida that allow people to live freely. As result they probably have people upset about policies that don’t seem to be working, and the rising crime rate. Seems like people could be leaving in a search of normalcy.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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