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Here’s Why Notorious Sureno Timothy McGhee Murdering Big U’s Brother in 1999 is Trending Again

The Notorious Sureno Timothy McGhee is one of the most infamous gangsters of all time. There are many documentaries that have been made about him, and most labeled him a ruthless serial killer. Apparently one of his victims was Big U’s brother back in 1999, and social media is now asking questions about the situation 23 years later.

Who is Notorious Sureno Timothy McGhee?

Born on April 27, 1973 Timothy McGhee was a prominent member of the much feared ‘Toonerville’ gang that was formed in the LA area in the 1940s. He is both Scottish and Mexican, and his first nickname was “Eskimo” due to how pale his skin was. His life of crime began very early when he shot a man in the face with a shotgun at 16 years old. One of his most heinous murders was when he shot a Frog Town Rifa member named Rodney Martin 28 times while he just standing in front of a recreation center. People who were close friends of Timothy McGhee claimed that he enjoyed murdering people, and treated it like a sport. He was so ruthless that sometimes he pretended being homeless just to catch his enemies off guard.

Notorious Sureno Timothy McGhee

Details on Why Notorious Sureno Timothy McGhee Murdering Big U’s Brother in 1999 is Trending Again

In 1999 Timothy McGhee caught the rap group ‘Tha Dogg Pound’ hanging out in front of Echo Sounds Music Studio in Toonerville area, and shot them. Dwayne Dupree who was close to Big U was killed during this shooting. Witnesses claimed that they saw the Timothy McGhee chasing Dupree before shooting him in the chest multiple times. This made police believe it was a targeted attack specifically aimed at making sure Dwayne Dupree was dead.

Since this shooting happened in Toonerville area it should have been easy for Big U to know who was responsible for his brother’s death. The reason why the situation is going viral again in 2022 is because Big U never seemed to retaliate in anyway for what Timothy McGhee did. You’ve probably seen how Big U makes people ‘check in’ when they come to New York these days, so people are wondering why he didn’t have that same energy for the Notorious Sureno Timothy McGhee. Some people now believe that Big U purposely only harasses black New Yorkers.

Timothy McGhee in 2009 During Trial

Where is Timothy McGhee Now?

In 2009 Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert J. Perry and a jury decided that Timothy McGhee should be sentenced to death for a string of murders from his past. They all agreed that everyone one of his crimes was unprovoked, and that he showed no remorse. He was already serving two life sentences for other murders before being sentenced to death. As of 2022 Timothy McGhee is on death row at San Quentin State Prison.

Why do you think nothing happened after Timothy McGhee murdered Big U’s brother in 1999?

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