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Is Ray Holmberg a Pedophile? North Dakota State Senator Ray Holmberg Exposed for Texting Pedophile

Over the past few years we have heard some crazy stories about about State Senators, but the situation involving Ray Holmberg might be one of the strangest so far. His actions have not only damaged his career, but have the public wondering if Ray Holmberg is a pedophile in hiding.

Why was North Dakota State Senator Ray Holmberg Texting an Alleged Pedophile?

This situation all started after a 34 year old man named Nicholas James Morgan-Derosier was arrested on federal pedophile and abuse charges in relation to child adult films. Investigators discovered that North Dakota republican Senator Ray Holmberg texted the accused pedophile at least 72 times after his arrest. It appears that Holmberg must not have been aware the court would see them.

Is Ray Holmberg a Pedophile? Details on How North Dakota Senator Ray Holmberg Texted Accused Pedophile Nicholas James Morgan-Derosier

Morgan-Derosier was in prison at the Grand Forks County jail during the summer of 2021. According to reports inmates in this prison are allowed to use a text messaging service that is monitored by the jail staff. Upon investigation of their records they discovered Ray Holmberg’s number among text messages he received in August of that year. According to reports Ray Holmberg claimed he was only asking about work Morgan-Derosier who was a landscaper did on his patio.

However, according to reports on January 4th during a court session US attorney Jennifer Puhl revealed that Morgan-Derosier was texting an unnamed 77 year old man who lived in Grand Forks. In those text messages the 77 year old man asked if he could bring Morgan-Derosier’s 19 year old boyfriend to his house. Although the named of this man was not cited in court Ray Holmberg was 77 years old at the time, and lived in Grand Forks. In addition he admitted texting Morgan-Derosier, but not about trying to see his boyfriend. Naturally people are speculating as to what the truth is behind the strange coincidences. With the controversial situation looming over him Ray Holmberg resigned as chairman of Legislative Management.

Ray Holmberg in ‘To Be Human’ Starbucks Commercial

Ray Holmberg Was in Starbuck Commercials

With this situation going viral people are realizing how ironic it was that Ray Holmberg was in a Starbucks commercial about what it means “To Be Human”. Definitely not a good look for the company now that Ray Holmberg is connected to an alleged pedophile’s court case.


GOP state Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner Reacts to Ray Holmberg Texting Pedophile

In a public statement about the situation Rich Wardner kept his stance neutral on the issue by saying Ray Holmberg saying texting an accused pedophile is not illegal, unless something illegal was discussed in the text messages.

At the moment there was nothing outright illegal discovered within the text messages, but the investigation is still ongoing. Rich Wardner also said that Ray Holmberg resigning was the correct decision.

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