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Viral Video Shows Cockpit Pilot’s View Inside of Plane as it Crashed in San Diego Neighborhood Causing Massive Explosion

Plane crashes are something most people never witness in person. Even more rare is witnessing the view the pilot has the plane is going down. A recent viral video gave the world that view, and it was truly scary to witness.

Video Shows Cockpit Pilot’s View of Plane Crashing in San Diego Neighborhood

A viral video shows the moment a plane crashed into a San Diego neighborhood causing a massive explosion. The video was recorded from inside the cockpit, which gives you a view of what the pilot was seeing as the plane went down. It’s alleged the pilot fell asleep behind the wheel before plane crashed in the San Diego neighborhood.

In the footage it may look like the plane is going very slowly, but that’s only because we are seeing it from the pilot’s perspective. People looking on from the ground were probably seeing the plane approaching the neighborhood very fast. It’s not known how many people were hurt or injured, or if the pilot survived. However, judging from the explosion there’s probably no way the pilot made it through that. Some reports allege that at least two people were confirmed dead.

The second video above shows the aftermath of the plane crashing into the San Diego neighborhood. As you can see someone’s home was completely destroyed, and was up in flames. Hopefully no one was inside that home when this tragic incident happened. Anytime you see a plane accident in California it makes you remember what happened to Kobe Bryant on that tragic day.

Prayers up for everyone affected by that plane crash.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff