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Was Molly Qerim Cheating on Jalen Rose? Court Document Details of Jalen Rose Filing for Divorce from Molly Qerim Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Surprising news has shook up the ESPN landscape. The sports world’s favorite ESPN married couple Jalen Rose and Molly Qerim are breaking up. According to reports Jalen Rose filed for divorce from Molly Qerim. Details in court documents and when this situation started to develop are sparking Molly Qerim cheating conspiracy theories.

The Timeline of When Jalen Rose Filed for Divorce from Molly Qerim

Jalen Rose and Molly Qerim have been married since 2018. They first started dating publicly in 2016. Surprisingly it’s reported Jalen Rose filed for divorce from Molly Qerim earlier this year in April. That means their court case has been going on for that past 8 months.

What’s crazy about that is they seemed to be still going strong to the public eye. In fact, back in June Molly Qerim broke down in tears on First Take while talking about how she helps Jalen Rose battle depression, as you can see in the video below. Based on the timeline of events this was almost 2 months after Jalen Rose put in paperwork for the divorce.

Did Jalen Rose Catch Molly Qerim Cheating on Him?

Why would Jalen Rose be filing for divorce from a woman that seemed to support him so much? Just a few weeks before he filed for the divorce they were even starring in Gatorade commercials together. Details say that Jalen Rose is refusing to pay alimony to Molly Qerim, but that she also has not requested it.

Given how things seemed to have happened suddenly, and the fact that he is against spousal support in their divorce proceedings, some people are convinced that Molly Qerim was cheating on Jalen Rose. However, there could be many other reasons behind the split.

Could this be another situation that proves dating a co-worker is never a good idea?

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