Do Lady Gaga Oreos have pedophile symbols on them? Strange pictures engraved on these special edition cookies are fueling a sinister Lady Gaga Oreo symbols conspiracy theory.

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There are 3 alleged pedophile symbols that seem to be very similar to the illustrations on the new Lady Gaga Oreo cookies. These include the LBLogo, GLogo, and CLOMAL. This conspiracy theory seems far fetched until you see a side by side comparison of those logos and the special edition cookies.

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Check out the alarming evidence below.

As you can see there appears to be pedophile symbols on Lady Gaga Oreo cookies based on how similar they look when compared, but it could all be coincidence.

If these really are the same symbols perhaps Lady Gaga isn’t even aware of it. However, given the weird stories that have come out about children being mistreated in Hollywood over the years, she also could possibly be fully aware and chose to promote the symbols purposely.

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At the end of the day since nothing can be definitively proven it remains a Lady Gaga Oreo Pedophile symbols conspiracy theory. Hopefully it’s just a strange coincidence, and nothing more.

Author: JordanThrilla

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