Conspiracy Theory that Egyptian Pyramids are the Top of Giant Obelisks Buried Underground

The Egyptian pyramids are among the most fascinating and mysterious structures in human history. For centuries, people have wondered how they were built, why they were built, and what secrets they might hide. Recently, a new conspiracy theory has emerged on social media, claiming that the pyramids are not what they seem. According to this theory, the pyramids are actually just the tops of giant obelisks that have been buried underground with only their tips protruding through the earth.

This theory was sparked by a tweet from a user who posted a graphical image representing how the pyramids might look underground. The image shows three massive obelisks extending deep into the earth’s crust, with chambers and tunnels connecting them. Some conspiracy theorist believe these obelisks are ancient energy generators that were used by an advanced civilization before a cataclysmic event buried them.

The tweet quickly went viral, attracting thousands of likes, retweets, and millions of views from people who were intrigued or convinced by this idea. Some even suggested that this theory could explain why there are so many pyramids around the world, such as in Mexico, China, and Sudan. They argued that these pyramids are also buried obelisks that belong to the same network of energy sources.

Conspiracy Theory that Egyptian Pyramids are the Top of Giant Obelisks Buried Underground

However, as appealing as this theory might sound to some people who love mysteries and alternative histories, there is no evidence to support it. One of the main assumptions behind this theory is that the pyramids were built by an advanced civilization that had access to technology and knowledge far beyond our own.

Some proponents of this theory even claim that these builders were aliens or survivors of Atlantis who came to Egypt, and taught their secrets to the ancient Egyptians. However, researches continue to claim that there is ample proof that the pyramids were built by ancient Egyptians using human labor and ingenuity.

According to archaeologists and historians who have studied the pyramids for decades, we allegedly know how they were built: by thousands of workers who cut and transported huge blocks of stone from quarries using ramps and sledges; by skilled craftsmen who shaped and fitted these blocks together using copper tools and ropes; by engineers who designed and aligned these structures using simple mathematics and astronomy; by priests who oversaw the rituals and ceremonies associated with these monuments; and by pharaohs who commissioned them as tombs for themselves and their families.

However, what researchers say is still technically all theories since no one can definitively say what was happening back then. When you take into account that even modern technology struggles to move blocks of stone that are of similar weight to the ones used on Pyramids, it’s tough to believe that only man power and primitive technology got the job done back then.

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