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Did an Outer Space Alien Impregnate Actress Goldie Hawn? Why an Extraterrestrial Goldie Hawn Conspiracy is Trending

Goldie Hawn, the famous actress and producer, has recently made a shocking claim that she had an intimate encounter with an alien about 50 years ago. In an interview on the ‘Time to Walk’ podcast, she detailed an alleged alien experience she had at her house in California.

Why a Conspiracy Theory an Alien Impregnated Goldie Hawn is Going Viral

According to her testimony, she was sitting outside looking up at the night sky, and called out to any aliens to reveal themselves to her. She then described having a “benevolent loving feeling that was filled with light”. She said that she also dreamed about the aliens, and the following day a crop circle appeared next to where she lived.

This happen in her 20s, and she is 77 now, so it was before some of her kids were born.

The story has fueled conspiracy theories among some people, who believe that at least one of Goldie Hawn’s children, Kate, Oliver Hudson, and Wyatt Russell, are part alien. Some conspiracy theorists are convinced that the alien got Goldie Hawn pregnant, which may have been why she felt a “loving feeling”.

However, not everyone is buying her story. Some skeptics have pointed out that there is no evidence to support her claim, and that it could be a publicity stunt or a delusion. They have also questioned the credibility of the ‘Time to Walk’ podcast, which is known for featuring celebrities telling personal stories.

However, Goldie Hawn is not the first person to claim having a close encounter with aliens that changed their life. For some people their experiences with alleged aliens were much more scary though.

Goldie Hawn has not responded to the criticism or provided any further details about her alien encounter. She has also not revealed the identity of the alien or whether they are still in contact. She has only said that it was a “beautiful experience” that changed her life.

How crazy would it be is Kate Hudson is actually part alien, and she doesn’t even know it. She would be like Goku in Dragonball Z, before he found out that he was part Saiyan.