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Woman Exposes Her Boyfriend For Not Buying First Class Tickets on Their First Trip Together in Video Fueling Major Backlash

A woman who filmed herself exposing her boyfriend for not buying first class tickets on their first trip together has caused a stir online.

How the Woman Publicly Humiliated Her Boyfriend For Not Buying First Class Tickets

The video, shows the woman walking past the first class seats on a plane and saying: “So my boyfriend told me he was going to get us first class, but he lied. We all the way back there in 38C”.

She then zooms in on her boyfriend, who is sitting in the economy section and looks visibly upset as other passengers laugh at him. The woman claimed that it was their first trip together.

The video quickly went viral and attracted a lot of attention from online viewers who had different opinions on the woman’s actions.

Some people defended her and said that she had the right to be angry, and disappointed with her boyfriend for not keeping his alleged promise. They argued that flying first class was a special experience, and that he should have been honest with her from the start.

Others condemned her, and said that she was being cruel and disrespectful to her boyfriend for shaming him in front of everyone.

They argued that flying economy was not a big deal, and that he probably had a good reason for not buying first class tickets. They also questioned her motives and values for making such a fuss over a trivial matter.

There’s always the chance the video is staged, but if real that man is in a bad situation. When you’re significant other doesn’t mind hamulating you in public, often times there is a general lack of respect.

Not only did you she make a scene in front everyone on the plane, she recorded and put on social media just so even more people will see what happened. That’s going to impact her boyfriend for a long time.

What would you do if your partner lied about buying first class tickets on your first trip together?

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