Over the past few months Atlanta has been hit with endless RICO cases involving high profile rappers and gang members. The trend continued recently when Atlanta FEDS announced that 17 members on the 183 Bloods Gangsters have been arrested, and are facing RICO charges. The allegations against them include murder, drug trafficking, illegal weapons, and even brainwashing young children using recruitment techniques.

Details on Alleged 183 Bloods Gangsters Leader Ralph Alicea aka ‘MK’ Getting Arrested FEDS on RICO Charges

Of the 17 alleged gang members who were arrested the most prominent named was Ralph Alicea aka ‘MK’. FEDS believe that he was the national leader of the 183 Bloods Gangsters. Currently he’s being held without bail at Attica State Prison, which is located in New York. According to police reports the investigators have evidence of crimes that happened in many Atlanta counties including Fulton, Athens-Clarke, Barrow, Bulloch, Chattooga, Gwinnett, Walton, and Monroe within a 3 year timespan beginning in 2019. Ralph Alicea who is 49 years old was the oldest person arrested in the RICO case.

Did 183 Bloods Gangsters Snitch on Themselves?

According to a report from WRDW news, investigators have evidence of the 183 Bloods Gangsters were posting videos and images that showed off their wealth, how they were making money, and threats to attack their enemies. On the surface that sounds like a case of self snitching by means of social media. It’s alleged some of those posts helped investigators uncovered how they were getting money and weapons through robbery schemes and drug trafficking. In situations like this it’s always surprising to see that people doing illegal things would brag about it on social media knowing that the FEDS are always watching.

The 16 other people arrested along with the alleged 183 Bloods leader ‘MK’, were Antwon Sutton aka ‘Odogg’, Kalip Sherman aka ‘Don Man’, Aaron Smith aka ‘Gotti’, Tonisha Wilson aka ‘Princess’, Quentin Walker Jr. aka ‘Don Q’, Ritasha Ogburn aka ‘Boots’, Dexcadrick Graddy aka ‘Biggz’, Akeem Lanier aka ‘Kane’, Quintavius Render aka ‘Brazy’, Kenneth Searcy aka ‘BG’, Brantavious Sims aka ‘Trap’, Nigel Harvey aka ‘Fredo’, Maya Covert, Tauris Taylor ‘Rich’, and Nicholas Wiseman aka ‘Necco’.

The youngest member arrested was only 19 years old, and 3 appear to be women based on the names.

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