Daytona Beach Florida Driver Jumps Draw Bridge After Ramming Through Gate

When a draw bridge is going up most people stop, because of the fear of falling into the water. However, in Florida some drivers like to go Hollywood action scene. As example a Daytona Beach Florida Driver jumped a draw bridge after ramming through the gate.

The footage shows this is a common trend in the Daytona Beach Florida area. They also showed a motorcycle with two people on it also jumping the same draw bridge about one month ago. They both looked like scenes from a Die Hard movie.

From the looks of things the driver in the SUV shattered his windshield, along with causing damage to public property. Since the car was caught on security camera they also have the license plate number too. It seems this could end up being costly, so you have to wonder if the experience was worth it.

At the very least that’s definitely a once in a lifetime story to tell.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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