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Fullerton California Gas Station Video Shows Racist Woman Telling Asian Woman to ‘Bow to Her’

Racism against Asian Americans is at an all time high due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the disturbing trending continued in a new video. An altercation at a Fullerton, California Gas Station shows a racist woman telling an Asian woman to “bow to her” and “Go back to Asia”.

The Racist woman who sounds like she smoked packs of cigarettes daily threatens the Asian woman by telling her if she doesn’t bow she has to leave the gas station, then claimed to be the owner of the gas station. All the while the Asian woman was calmly pumping her gas, and ignoring the racist banter. At one point the Racist woman mocks the Asian lady for not entertaining her racist remarks.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the video if you hear no sound.

In years past the racism Asians faced wasn’t talked about much in the media, as much as racism towards other races. However, recent events such as the Atlanta Spa shootings, and Jeremy Lin revealing racist remarks said to him during a G-League game have shed a bigger spotlight than ever on the ongoing issues Asians face in day to day life dealing with racism at all levels.

At the moment the disdain racists have towards Asian people seems to be all rooted in people unwarrantedly blaming any Asians in America for Coronavirus, which is a ridiculous and extremely insensitive thing to do. As we all know racism is usually based on the most ridiculously untrue beliefs, so while this isn’t surprising it is still very sad.

The racism against Asians and all other minority races has to stop at some point. People can’t even pump gas without being harassed by crazy racists anymore. What crazy times we live in.

Author: JordanThrilla

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