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LGBTQ and Transgender Protesters Attack Man Holding ‘We Like Dave Chappelle’ Sign During Anti-Dave Chappelle Netflix Walkout Protest

It’s been weeks since Dave Chappelle’s ‘The Closer’ special aired on Netflix, and the complaints from the LGBTQ community continue to grow. After the Netflix CEO Ted Sarados spoke out in support of Dave Chappelle, and said his special would not be removed, the anger from the LGBTQ community only grew. This led up to a physical altercation between a Dave Chappelle fan, and transgender LGBTQ community protesters at the Netflix Walkout. The Transgender LGBTQ protesters tried to get the Dave Chappelle fan arrested after the attack.

LGBTQ Transgender Protesters Attack Dave Chappelle Fan Holding ‘We Like Dave Chappelle’ Sign During Anti-Dave Chappelle Netflix Walkout Protest

The controversial commotion started when a Dave Chappelle fan holding a “We like Dave” sign showed up at the Anti-Dave Chappelle Netflix Walkout protest thinking that freedom of speech would be honored by people who want to have freedom of expression.

However, the opposite happened as Transgender LGBTQ protesters attacked the Dave Chappelle fan, ripped up his sign, then tried to get him arrested by saying he had weapon. The “weapon” was actually created when they ripped up is his sign simply because it had a message that supported Dave Chappelle.

Physically attacking someone that has a different opinion than you during a protest sets a bad example, and waters down the message you are trying to promote with the protesting. It probably would have been better to just ignored him, instead of giving him the reaction he was looking for. Ironically, some people think this incident supports the message Dave Chappelle was trying to send in ‘The Closer’, which actually focused on cancel culture.

Think of it this way, imagine if a Transgender person showed up to an Anti-trans protest, and got attacked for holding a sign at that supported transgender people. Those people who attacked the transgender person would be deemed homophobic and bigots right? In this case, what do you call the people who attacked the Dave Chappelle fan for holding a sign they didn’t like? There’s an old saying that goes, “When you allow yourself to become like people you are protesting against you have already defeated yourself”.

It’s somewhat understandable why transgender people feel offended by Dave Chappelle’s ‘The Closer’ special. There was definitely some jokes about trans people that he may have went a bit too far with. However, if Transgender people and their supporters in this situation start physically attacking people who have different opinions their message can get lost behind those acts. For example on social media this one moment where the LGBTQ community attacked a Dave Chappelle fan is now overshadowing the entire protest in terms of what people are talking about the most.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff