Details Behind the Bill Gates Farmland Vaccine Conspiracy Theory.

These days when you hear the name Bill Gates you don’t think about computers, but rather vaccines. Over the past few years he has been one of the most profound investors on all types of new vaccination technologies, and mass vaccination strategies. Now the peculiar situation of Bill Gates buying farmland at an alarming rate has sparked another vaccine conspiracy theory, which we will explain in this article.

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Bill Gates Farmland Buying Spree Sparks Mass Vaccination Conspiracy Theory

Recently it was reported that Bill Gates now owns more US farmland than any person in the entire world. The only people who own close to as much farmland as Bill Gates is China, yes you read that right. Interestingly enough as Bill Gates continues buying up all of America’s farmland he is also promoting that use of synthetic beef that would be grown in labs. Now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with vaccines, but we will explain that below.

Picture explaining how Bill Gates Farmland Buying Spree Sparked Mass Vaccination Conspiracy Theory.
Natural Meat Would Be Nonexistent Under Bill Gates’ Plan

A few years ago it was reported that Bill Gates wanted to inject every human on earth with a quantum dot microneedle chip. This would be the key to his idea of a mass vaccination delivery system. The secret to making the vaccine delivery system work would be the “Luciferase” chemical, which would make the chip readable with a cellphone app. The patent for Bill Gates’ vaccine technology was filed under #060606. On the surface the idea has many flaws that would make it tough to implement, but conspiracy theorists believe he has discovered a loophole to make mass vaccination happen without the need for any type of actual injections.

Some months ago some prominent social media voices suggested that vaccine makers could secretly use food products to vaccinate people without them even knowing they were vaccinated. They suggested that the vaccine chemicals would be injected products like meat, which would make people vaccinated after eating them. Now ask yourself why would a billionaire heavily invested in vaccines buy up so much farmland? Conspiracy theorists believe Bill Gates is trying to take complete control of the United State’s food supply chain, which would give him the ability to also control what chemicals are being put inside our food. The fact that there are food shortages going on makes his farmland purchases even more sketchy.

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This is the core behind the conspiracy theory that Bill Gates is buying farmland to mass vaccinate people against their will without them even knowing. Take a look at some reactions on social media.

Reaction to Bill Gates farmland mass vaccination conspiracy theory
Reaction to Bill Gates farmland vaccine conspiracy theory
Reaction to Bill Gates farmland mass vaccination conspiracy theory
Reaction to Bill Gates farmland vaccine conspiracy theory
Reaction to Bill Gates farmland mass vaccination conspiracy theory

In theory Bill Gates owns enough farmland to exaggerate the food shortage issues in regards to natural grown products. In the same breath he is promoting the use of synthetic food products that would be grown in lab conditions he could also control. Exaggerating the food shortage of natural grown meat, would increase demand for the synthetic beef he is promoting.

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Conspiracy theorist believe this could give him the ability to introduce vaccine chemicals into the food supply chain in a stealthy manner. If he has most of America eating synthetic meat tainted with vaccine chemicals then he could easily mass vaccinate people without repercussions. It may seem far fetched, but anything is possible when you have acquired the amount of power he has.

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