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Black Woman Almost Running Over White Man in Blue Shirt Blocking Her Car Goes Viral

Road rage incidents usually happen unexpectedly, and can end up being very dangerous for all parties involved. However, in most cases those types of situations can be easily avoided by having common sense. Unfortunately in this day and age a lot of people lack common sense, and a perfect example is the stupid thing a man in a blue shirt did during a traffic incident on a busy road.

Video Showing White Man in Blue Shirt Blocking a Black Woman’s Car Then Almost Getting Run Over Goes Viral

Viral footage shows the aftermath of a car accident between two people that seemed like fender bender. By law you’re supposed to stay at the scene of an accident, but as we all know there are cases where the person who is at fault attempts to drive away. In this situation the white man wearing the blue shirt was willing to risk his life to make sure the black woman stayed at the scene of accident as he called police.

As you’ll see in the footage the white man in blue shirt blocked the black woman’s car by literally resting his body on the hood of her vehicle. Despite bystanders urging him to move, because she was getting ready to drive away, he wouldn’t listen and continued to block her path. After some time the black woman got out her car, and pushed the man out her path. However, he was still persistent and literally jumped back onto the hood of her car. That’s when the unthinkable happened, and she sped off sending him flying into the pavement. As people rushed to check if he was hurt you could actually see a smile on his face like he enjoyed the whole ordeal.

Look at the creepy smile on this man’s face after almost losing his life.

Luckily it doesn’t seem like guy was hurt seriously, but this all could have been avoided if he would have just listened to the people recording with their phones. In most cases insurance companies and police will be able to get the license plate number of the drive that left the scene of accident by using cameras set up around the roads.

One thing that’s for sure is this video of the black woman almost running over the white man in a blue shirt blocking her car is an internet classic just due to how random the whole situation was.

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