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Black Hospital Worker Using MMA Kick, Throw Down, and Chair to Fight a White Woman Who Tried Attacking Her Goes Viral

A video of a violent altercation between a black woman who is allegedly a hospital worker, and a white woman has gone viral on social media, sparking reactions from users who praised the black woman for defending herself against the aggressor. The footage, which has been reposted by black activist Tariq Nasheed with the hashtag “black august”, shows the white woman, dubbed as an “aggressive Karen”, initiating the attack by going behind the work desk of the black woman and attempting to grab her.

However, the black woman quickly retaliates by throwing the white woman to the ground, then delivering a massive kick to her chest area. The black woman then picks up a chair, and is about to hit the white woman with it before security intervenes and separates them.

The video has been viewed over 15 million times on Twitter and has generated thousands of comments, likes, and retweets. Many users expressed their support for the black woman, who they said was acting in self-defense. Some users also posted memes of chairs dressed in clothing to mimic how the white woman caused the bad situation for herself.

It is not clear what business the fight happened at, or what the names of the people involved are, but based on the footage it appears to be a hospital. Some users speculated that the white woman was a customer who was unhappy with the service of the facility, and decided to lash out on the black woman. Others suggested that the white woman was a racist who tried provoking the black woman with insults or slurs, before trying to attack her. However, none of these claims have been verified or confirmed by any official sources, so there’s no telling what really led to the altercation.

Meme about the black woman using chair in fight against aggressive Karen
Chair Memes are Trending As Result of the Black Woman Picking Up the Chair to Defend Herself against the Aggressive Karen
Meme about the black woman using chair in fight against aggressive Karen

The video is one of many examples of how social media users have been using the term “Karen” to refer to people who may display entitled, rude, or racist behavior. The term has become a popular way of calling out, and mocking such women, and even men in some cases.

It seems like based on the footage the aggressor in that situation was probably a bit to overconfident in her fighting abilities. Still yet, the best outcome would have a been a peaceful one where the fight never happened in the first place. However, if someone attacks a person, you can’t blame that person for defending themselves right?

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