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Reddit WallStreetBets Users Buy Gamestop Billboard in Times Square Saying “$GME GO BRRR”

The legend of r/WallStreetBets continues to grow, and has now reached a new height. Reddit WallStreetBets users bought a Gamestop billboard in Times Square saying “$GME GO BRRR”. The digitally animated advertisement was seen high above the streets of New York City, and only costed $18 through a special deal, according to reports. GME represents the Gamestop stock symbol.

This was the latest move in a raging battle between brokerage companies like Robinhood, and the regular everyday users that use their platforms to trade stocks.

If you’ve been following the Gamestop stock story, then you probably know their shares were once only $18 a few months ago, but because of the very smart individuals on Reddit WallStreetBets their shares rose up to around $345, which was an unprecedented 135% increase.

Companies like Robinhood have used potentially shady tactics to try and quell the power the average user has gained over the Gamestop stock prices, which has lowered the share prices by a small amount. However, reddit WallStreetBets users buying the Gamestop billboard with the “$GME GO BRRR” message is sign that people aren’t giving up on pushing forward with the Wall Street revolution that has already began.

Author: JordanThrilla

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