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Athens Georgia Woman Shauntae Heard Insinuates Doxxing Has Put Her Family in Danger in Apology Message Reacting to ‘Piano Girl’ Video Backlash

Shauntae Heard, the Athens Georgia woman who has been dubbed ‘Piano Girl’ after a viral video showed her knocking over a street performer’s piano, has apologized for her actions and alleged that her family is being harassed by people on social media after she got doxxed. In a video posted on her Instagram account @atl.minit, she claimed that she was human, made mistakes, and did not steal any money from the performer, or do any serious damage to their piano, contrary to the what the footage showed.

Did Shauntae Heard Getting Doxxed Put Her Family Danger Due to Backlash From the ‘Piano Girl’ Video?

The shocking incident in question happened in Athens, Georgia, when Heard approached Andrew Shoe, a pianist who was playing on the street at night. As seen in a video that Shoe uploaded on his TikTok account @theandrewshoe, Heard first hit the piano keys with force as she walked by, but Shoe continued playing.

She then returned from the opposite direction and pushed the piano off its stand, causing it to fall to the ground. It was also alleged that Heard stole money from his bucket. Her friends were seen laughing as this was happening.

The video quickly went viral on social media platforms such as X and Facebook, where many users expressed their outrage and disgust at Heard’s behavior, which led to her getting doxxed. Some people managed to identify her, and find her personal information, including her alleged Facebook page under the name ‘Tommanesha Heard’, and her mother’s account.

Amidst the backlash, Heard deleted her Facebook account, and created a new Instagram account @atl.minit, where she posted an apology video. She said that she had taken accountability for her actions, and that she knew it was wrong and ignorant of her. She also said that she had spoken to Shoe, and that he had accepted her apology.

Shoe told people not to harass her, but also said he could not control what is happening, and the consequences of her actions. Heard begged people to keep her family out of it, and said that she had seen worse in the downtown area.

In her apology message reacting to the doxxing and backlash, Shauntae Heard wrote “I have took accountability for my actions. I am sorry to everyone that has seen the viral video. I know it was wrong and ignorant, but please keep my family out of it. I have seen worse downtown”.

The fact she said, she has “seen worse” downtown made the apology seem half hearted to many people.

Piano Girl Shauntae Heard Claims She Didn't Steal Money Out the Bucket Despite What Witnesses Claim
Shauntae Heard Claims She Didn’t Steal Money Out the Bucket Despite What Witnesses Claim

Heard’s apology implies that her family is being harrassed by people on social media for her actions. However, it is unclear how sincere or genuine her apology is, as some users have questioned her motives and credibility. Shoe has not commented further on the incident, or the apology since his initial TikTok video.

What she did was really bad, but other people in her family shouldn’t be scared for their safety, because of that. At the same time she should have known that people on social media would dox her, based on similar things happening in the past to people who go viral for heinous reasons. Let’s hope everyone reacting to this situation keeps a level head.

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