Was Robert Maraj murdered? Strange evidence from Robert Maraj’s death is sparking conspiracy theories that Nicki Minaj’s father was murdered. According to reports Nicki Minaj’s dad was ran over in a hit and run incident in Nassau County New York. He was in critical condition for some hours, before dying at the hospital.

Details from police reports are saying Robert Maraj was walking between Roslyn Road and Raff Avenue when a car hit him. The driver of that vehicle was somehow able to flee the scene before witnesses could get a license plate number or good description. Police still have no leads and the suspect still has not been captured. They don’t even have a description of the car.

The case has now been allegedly turned over the Nassau County’s homicide investigation unit. When you look a pictures of how Roslyn Road and Raff Avenue are designed you can see why the conspiracy theory that Nicki Minaj’s dad Robert Miraj was murdered is catching steam. Even police think this is possible as evidence of a homicide investigation taking place.

Take a close look at these photos below.

In the photos above you can see the section of the street between Roslyn Road and Raff Ave is very wide. In fact it’s a 4 lane street. It makes it seem like to hit someone hard enough that you kill them you would have to be targeting them. Also, being able to flee the scene quickly enough that no one got a license plate number, car description, or physical description could indicate professional skill or an inside job.

If the Homicide investigation does uncover that Nicki Minaj’s dad was murdered, the next question would be what the motive behind it really was?

RIP Robert Maraj.

Author: JordanThrilla

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