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Did Blogger Tasha K Illegally Obtain R Kelly’s Prison Records? Phone Call with Kwame Brown Reveals Shocking Allegations

R Kelly, the R&B singer who is now is prison, has made a shocking allegation against a popular blogger named Tasha K. In a phone call with former NBA player Kwame Brown, who hosts a podcast called “Bust Life”, R Kelly claimed that Tasha K illegally obtained his confidential jail records and shared them with federal witnesses in his cases.

R Kelly’s Story of Tasha K Illegally Obtained His Jail Records from ‘Officer A’

According to R Kelly, when he was first arrested in 2019 and booked at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Chicago, a federal disciplinary hearing officer identified as “Officer A” accessed his restricted jail records without authorization. R Kelly said that Officer A, who was also working as a judge in the Bureau of Prisons, illegally listened to his recorded phone calls and emails for six months straight before his trial started.

R Kelly said he has proof that Officer A accessed his jail records 153 times while working at the Thomson Correctional Center in Illinois, which is a prison that was shut down allegedly due to rampant corruption. He said that a search warrant on Officer A’s desktop computer revealed that she sent his jail records to her own personal Gmail account.

R Kelly then accused Officer A of tearing off the corner of every page of his records where the patient date and time stamps would usually be, and sending them to Tasha K. He said that Tasha K used his jail records to expose his personal information and conversations on her YouTube channel, where she has over one million subscribers.

R Kelly also alleged that Tasha K shared his jail records with federal witnesses in his New York and Illinois cases, which could amount to witness tampering and obstruction of justice. He said he is allegedly planning to sue Tasha K and Officer A for violating his privacy and rights.

This wouldn’t be the first time Tasha K faced legal trouble from a celebrity. She faced a defamation lawsuit from Cardi B, and after being ordered to pay up she filed an appeal, which was denied.

R Kelly’s allegations are serious and could have implications for his ongoing trials. However, they have not been verified by any independent sources or authorities.

Tasha K has not responded to R Kelly’s claims as of yet. Kwame Brown, who hosted the phone call with R Kelly, said he was surprised by the singer’s revelations and urged him to speak the truth. He believes that R Kelly deserves to be treated fairly in this situation, despite the past crimes he committed.

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