Wack 100 is back in the news, and this time he has started some serious street beef with his words. This whole situation started over some claims that Wack100 made during a Clubhouse interview while talking about Nipsey Hussle and Rolling 60s Crips. Many people think he’s playing a dangerous game.

Was Nipsey Hussle a Gay Informant Snitch?

During the Clubhouse Interview in question Wack100 said he gave guns to Rolling 60s Crips. He also insinuated that Nipsey Hussle is gay and snitch. Apparently he was insinuating that Nipsey Hussle is gay, because of a rumor that he was molested by a man when he was younger. You could hear people calling him out for gay shaming for making that assumption. The whole situation was surprising, because Wack 100 had no issues exposing Crip business on a public platform where FEDS could be listening.

Rolling 60s Crip Responds to Wack100 Exposing Crips Secrets

Naturally with the claims Wack100 said someone in the Crip gang was going to respond very quickly. Now a video has surfaced of a Rolling 60s Crip speaking about Wack 100 giving them guns, and disrespecting Nipsey Hussle. As you’ll see he accused Wack100 of playing both sides of the field, and said someone needs to ‘check him’ for talking reckless. Take a dive into the two videos below.


Why Did Big U Make His Instagram Private?

According to reports in the midst of Wack100 exposing Crip business and talking about Nipsey Hussle, Big U made his Instagram private. It’s not clear what that means, but most people feel it’s like a subliminal warning to Wack 100.

It’s easy to see that this situation might not end well.

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