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Is Amazon Alexa Promoting Child Abuse? Video Shows Alexa Telling Parent to Punch Their Child in the Throat

Amazon Alexa is one of the most useful devices many people have in their homes. It’s ability to respond intelligently to almost any voice command makes it have endless value. Often times people find themselves asking the device for advice for many things including parenting. However, a video shows how that can go horribly wrong in some instances.

Why Did Amazon Alexa Tell a Parent to Punch Their Child in Throat?

A TikTok user posted a video of the strange response Alexa allegedly gave when they asked how stop their child from laughing. In response to the question the Amazon Alexa told them “You can punch them in the throat. If they are writhing in pain they are less likely to laugh”. Naturally people are now accusing Alexa of promoting child abuse. Take a listen, and you be the judge of whether that’s a reach. Press the unmute button on the video if you hear no sound.

Brief History of How Amazon Alexa was Invented

Amazon Alexa was initially released way back in 2014. Its technology was based on a speech synthesizer called ‘Ivona’ which was invented in Poland. In 2013 Amazon bought the Polish technology then first developed the Echo Dot, Echo Studio, and Amazon Tap Speakers, which paved the way for the Alexa devices we all love today.

People are Accusing Amazon Alexa of Promoting Child Abuse

Considering there is now alleged evidence of Alexa telling parents to punch their children in the throat, will it be the next target of the cancel culture that rules social media these days? Can an electronic personality be cancelled? Only time will tell, but probably not. The software developers will probably release a patch very soon to make sure this stops happening.

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