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He Brought a Grenade to a Fist Fight? Video Showing Man Throwing Grenade During Street Fight Goes Viral

There’s an old saying that goes ‘never bring a knife to a gun fight’, but now there should be one that says ‘never bring a grenade to a fist fight’. A man is going viral for doing just that, and based on how things went down in the video the bystanders are lucky if they weren’t hit with deadly shrapnel from the explosion that occurred.

Details About Video Showing Man Using Grenade During Street Fight

According to reports two men in Russia had an argument about Vodka that led to them wanting to fight each other to settle their feud. One of the men was a lot larger than the other, and clearly had the advantage from a physical standpoint. However, the smaller guy came prepared with a dangerous weapon that could take out everyone in the vicinity.

After taking a punch to the face that sent him stumbling, the smaller man pulled a real grenade out his pocket, and flashed it at his opponent. No one seemed to realize he was holding a grenade until he pulled the pin out, threw it on the ground, then casually walked away. Seconds later there was load explosion as smoke filled the air, and car alarms went off. It might have been the first time ever a man brought a grenade to a fist fight.

Prayers up for anyone that didn’t run fast enough to get away from that explosion. This is another example of why it’s always best not to start fights with random people on the street. You never know what they might have hidden in their pockets.

This video is even crazier than the footage showing people Russia watching a house burn while on the playground with their kids.

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