Man Dubbed Lebarn James aka Will Hartzell Builds Homemade Rebounding Machine Made Out of Wood

Rebounding machines are usually complex machines with many components and lots of high tech sensors, but at the core they do one simple thing, which is pass the ball back to you. A man dubbed Lebarn James aka Will Hartzell built a homemade rebounding machine out of nothing but wood and rope.

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How Does Lebarn James aka Will Hartzell’s Wooden Rebounding Machine Work?

The design of the homemade rebounding machine was pretty simple. A large net that’s wide at the top and narrow at the bottom directs the ball into a bucket secured to a slab of wood, which is connected to a rope. When someone pulls the rope, the homemade rebounding machine passes the ball back to you perfectly. No electric power is needed for this to work, just a simple pulley system.

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Will Hartzell aka LeBarn James is now a legend. Not only does he have nice jumper, he is the first person ever to build a wooden rebounding machine that doesn’t use electric. He should hurry up and patent the idea before a big corporation swoops in a mass markets the idea.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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