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Virginia Tech Linebacker Isimemen Etute Kills Transgender Woman Who Catfished Him on Tinder

A tragic story of an online dating relationship gone wrong shows the horrors that can happen when someone reacts to being catfished. It’s alleged that Virginia Tech LB Isimemen Etute killed a transgender woman who tricked him into believing he was talking to a cisgender woman named Angie.

According to police reports the trans woman catfished Isimemen Etute by pretending to be woman when they matched up on tinder. They met up one time in April 10, where the man performed oral $ex on the Virginia Tech LB while dressed as a woman. It was on their second meetup in May when they were about to have intercourse that Isimemen Etute realized a man gave him top. The person he allegedly thought was a woman was actually a man named Jerry Smith.

In that moment the star Virginia Tech LB beat the transgender woman to death. Reports state he became enrage then starting punching and stomping Smith until he started making gurgling sounds. He left the apartment and never called 911. When police arrived at the apartment a few days later they found the man dead with his face completely crushed and multiple fractures to his skull.

One thing that stands out about this story is the fact that these two individuals met up twice, before the murder took place. If the transgender woman catfished the Virginia Tech LB you would think he would have realized this after spending time with the person in April. One explanation would be that Jerry Smith must have made a really convincing woman if it took him two meetings for his catfish victim to realize something was off. Another theory is that Isimemen Etute was aware he was talking to man, and was about to be exposed then took drastic measures to silence his gay lover.

The 18 year old Isimemen Etute has been charged with second degree murder, and was released from custody on $75,000 bond. He will be allowed to live with his family until the trial date. It looks like his football dreams are a thing of the past now, and it all started with a match on Tinder.

This story is the epitome of why many people stay away from online dating.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff