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‘How To Draw a Dog’ TikTok Video Goes Viral

In the complex world of art, simplicity sometimes it still manifests itself in the most unusual ways. For example in the “How to Draw a Dog” TikTok instructional video the tough task of drawing a real looking dog was made into a few simple steps. The video was posted by TikTok user “scottyhubs”.

All you need is a large piece of paper, a marker, and a small breed of dog. Next you get the dog to play dead on its back while you draw an outline of its body on the paper. Next you can make five u shapes as legs and a mouth, and two large dots inside a circles as eyes. The result gives off Picasso vibes.

'How To Draw a Dog' TikTok Video Goes Viral

You could hang this picture up on your living room wall, and people would think you paid thousands of dollars for it.

This could be the main exhibit at an abstract art show.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff