TikTok Video of Squirrel Reacting To Woman Calling it Evil Sparks Conspiracy Theory Squirrels Understand Human Language

Can Squirrels understand human language? If you would have asked someone this question a few days ago the answer would have probably been no. However, a viral TikTok video posted by TikToker ‘onlyherhair’ has changed the way people view the intelligence level of squirrels.

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TikTok Video of Squirrel Reacting To Woman Calling it Evil Goes Viral

In the viral video the woman is left in fear at a grotesque squirrel that seemed to look a lot more sinister than the average squirrel. As the woman called the Squirrel “evil” it instantly reacted by looking directly at her, and pointing at its chest area. It seemed as if the squirrel was saying “Who me”.

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Could this be definitive proof that Squirrels understand human language? Take a look, and you be judge.

That video made us think of the talking squirrels scene from Rick and Morty.

Next time you’re outside, and see a Squirrel you might want to be careful of what you’re saying around it, because there’s a chance it might actually be able to understand every word you’re saying.

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Science says Squirrels have brains the size peanuts, but the old saying goes that size is not a true gauge of intelligence in all cases. For example Dolphins have bigger brains than humans, yet we are much smarter than dolphins.

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