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Details on How to Use the New OpenAi Chatbot ChatGPT for Free

In recent years one of the most advanced technological developments was the ability to create chat programs that can mimic a sentient being. The newest addition to that realm of technology is OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is a continuation of its GPT-3 lineage. The things this chatbot is able to do are nothing short of amazing, and everyone can experience interfacing with it for free at the moment.

Details on How to Use the New OpenAi Chatbot ChatGPT for Free

What sets the newest OpenAI chatbot apart from its predecessors is the level of it’s ability to answer questions derived from previous conversations, understand its own mistakes, question the thought process behind human ideas, and also refuse to answer certain questions. In addition people who have interacted with the ChatGPT have learned it can write poems, create art, delve into the hypocrisy of some philosophical ideas, and even create its own working computer code. In essence it seems OpenAI’s chatbot can mature over time, improve the efficiency of its own code, and even change its own personality based on human interaction.

As of right now since it is in a testing phase this amazing Chatbot is completely free to experience as long as you have an account at the OpenAi website. It’s not clear if it will remain free to use after the testing period is over. If you were thinking to take advantage of the Chatbot by asking it harmful questions OpenAi released statement saying that the ChatGPT will reject answering requests that can lead to harmful activities. For example if you asked it how to make a weapon, it probably won’t give you any instructions.

Highly advanced Chatbots have been largely frowned upon by the general public, because of the potential they have to be used for dangerous purposes.

However, the ChatGPT’s ability to refrain from answering questions that could potentially be harmful is a step in the right direction of creating an OpenAI Chatbot that would be 100% safe for the public to use.

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