The relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock is widely regarded as one of the most toxic in hip-hop history. One of the strangest fruits of their romance is the tattoo Ms. Rock got on her neck to pay homage to Blueface. It’s a similar tattoo to the one almost all of Blueface’s former girlfriends also have. In Chrisean Rock’s case her tattoo has led to a peculiar permanent optical illusion that social media just recently noticed.

Chrisean Rock’s ‘Goatee’ Trends After Video of Blueface Looking Scared of Her

Recently footage went viral where it appeared that Blueface was scared of Chrisean Rock. The clip was surprising to many, because he seems like the type of guy who would never be scared of anyone. However, what stood out more to many people was how it looked like Chrisean Rock has a goatee, because of where Blueface’s hair is positioned on the face tattoo painted on her throat.

This adds to the list of reasons why Chrisean Rock’s Blueface tattoo is considered one of the worst in hip-hop history. She basically has a goatee tattoo unintentionally. Somehow that’s worse than Young Ma using eyelashes as a goatee.

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