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Young Ma Shows Off Her New Beard Goatee In Viral Instagram Live Video

In society there are many features of our appearance that have been deemed normal based on gender. Most people would consider a large amount of facial hair on a woman abnormal. A beard or mustache is believed to be one of the defining characteristics of manliness. When men are trying to transition to become a trans woman, often times hormones or surgery is used to remove facial hair. On the flipside when a woman is transitioning to become a man hormones are often used to help them grow a beard. Young MA has apparently found a faster way to do things.

Young Ma showed off her new beard on Instagram Live. In the video Young MA wears an eyelash on her chin as a goatee beard. After seeing Young MA’s facial hair, people are beginning to wonder if she is going through an identity crisis. Surprisingly it actually looks natural on here, you would have to look twice to realize it’s just some fake eyelashes. James Harden and Rick Ross might be jealous.

Young Ma has always been more manly than feminine, openly dates women, and raps from a male perspective, but this takes it to a new level. Even her biggest fans never expected to see a Young Ma goatee.

Rick Ross and James Harden might have competition if Young Ma’s beard keeps growing.