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FEDS Arrest NY Brooklyn Gang Bamalife For Trying to Kill Envy Caine After They Snitched on Themselves

A major development in case involving drill rapper Envy Caine has finally been solved. In Federal indictment papers that recently leaked 6 members of the Bamalife gang all aged under 30 were charged. In this article we’ll talk about everything we have learned from doing research of the situation.

Details on How FEDS Discovered NY Brooklyn Gang Bamalife Members Tried to Kill Envy Caine After they Self Snitched

According to court documents the situation between Bamalife Gang and Envy Caine started back in 2016 when Envy Caine’s girlfriend was injured in a shooting. Court documents allege that Envy Caine who was part of the Weez Gang was aware that Bamalife was behind the shooting, because they posted a video on Facebook threatening to murder his girlfriend. Investigators also discovered that a Bamalife Gang member named Ronnie Warren got shot in his foot on the same day that Envy Caine’s girlfriend was shot.

According to investigators’ claims Bamalife Gang plotted to murder Envy Caine in retaliation for the Ronnie Warren shooting. However, when they were able to locate him their plan went south when they completely missed their target. As with most of these cases involving rappers, lyrics from their songs were also used as evidence in the indictment.

FEDS Believe Bamalife Gang Member Ronnie Warren aka ‘Bossman Horse’ Threatened to Kill Envy Caine in Song

In 2019 just three years after they attempted to murder Envy Caine’s girlfriend, Ronnie Warren whose rap moniker is ‘Bossman Horse’ released a song called ‘Dying Together’. In this song he snitched on himself by rapping these lyrics ‘Them bullets going leave him unconscious. N***** be ducking and dodging, catch him in traffic and rob him‘. Since the song was released as a diss track FEDS were easily able to tell that ‘Dying Together’ was about killing Envy Caine. Take a listen to that song.

According to reports the names of six Bamalife Gang members charged with plotting to murder Envy Caine are Trava Selby aka “Stoney”, Ronnie Warren aka ‘Bossman Horse’, Andrew Simpson aka ‘Drewski’, Tyshawn Sumpter aka ‘GT’, Corey Williams aka ‘Moncler Mellz’, and Darrius Sutton aka ‘Blizz Meecho’.