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Kwame Brown Interviews Mother of Charlamagne Rape Accuser Jessica Reid and Reveals Truth About DNA Evidence

Kwame Brown is still keeping his foot on Charlamagne’s neck, and he finally got his rape accuser’s family to speak out on his “Bust Life” podcast. In a new video Kwame Brown interviews the mother of Charlamagne’s rape accuser Jessica Reid. During this footage an important piece of information was revealed about the DNA evidence in the case.

Up until now people believed what Charlamagne said about the DNA evidence proving he was innocent. However, according to Jessica Reid’s mother that DNA evidence never proved he was innocent. She claims there was no analysis performed on any DNA samples. To prove her claim she brought a document from the South Carolina Law enforcement division forensic services laboratory report, which states there was no analysis done on his or her daughter’s blood or saliva. She then reiterates that “No Analysis performed” means there was no detailed examination of anything complex in order to understand its nature, or determine it’s essential features. This was the alleged real reason why it was deemed “inconclusive”.

Take a listen below. You’ll notice Jessica Reid’s mother has “Justice for Jessica” as her screenname.

Here is the full interview. They had some audio issues in the beginning of the interview so the audio starts off a bit choppy.


Does this mean Charlamagne is guilty of rape, and hiding behind a case that was deemed inconclusive due to a faulty investigation? The jury is still out on that, but it’s clear his accuser Jessica Reid and her family believe that is what has been going on since the day the investigation ended. You can see they are still hoping for justice to be served.

The world needs to hear Charlamagne’s response to his shocking information, because they brought out court documents.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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