Vincent Brown Dead: How Rumors of White Keeway the 'Today I Got Time Cuz' kid Dead Were ConfirmedGreal Da Savage dead.

The man who created the famous “Today I Got Time” video has passed away. The news of Vincent Brown aka White Keeway aka the “Today I Got Time Cuz” kid dead was confirmed by his mother. However, it was after a lot of controversy that she had to come out and reveal the sad news.

Why Was the Death of Vincent Brown Brown the “Today I Got Time Cuz” Kid Causing Controversy”?

Before his mother spoke out, rumors of Vincent Brown dead were already circulating social media. Amidst the commotion an imposter Vincent Brown pretending to be him tricked many people into believing he was still alive. However, it became real when his mother Linnea confirmed he was dead.

She added his Instagram handle “Greal Da Savage” in her emotional announcement to make sure people didn’t mix him up with the imposter.

This was the impostor trying to trick the world into believing he was still alive.

Vincent Brown aka White Keeway from 'Today I Got Time Cuz' Kid Dead. Impostor Vincent Brown

This was message his mother Linnea Brown left on social media confirming the news of his death was true.

Linnea Brown mother of Vincent brown reacts to White Keeway 'Today I Got Time" kid dead.

Who Killed Vincent Brown aka “Today I Got Time Cuz” Kid?

At the moment there are no details on who killed White Keeway or how he died if he wasn’t murdered, but there are some clues left behind on social media that are fueling conspiracy theories. Back in September of last year Vincent Brown survived a shooting where the bullet missed and hit his finger. He posted about murder attempt on social media.

This is leading people to believe someone shot Vincent Brown aka “Today I Got Time” dead.

Vincent Brown aka White Keeway was only 22 years old when died, which is way too soon to go.

Hopefully he wasn’t murdered.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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