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Details on How a Real Life Multiverse Could Open in July This Summer

Outside of View of the CERN Laboratory

The multiverse is something that most people have only seen in movies. For example the newest Spiderman film showed the Hollywood vision of how dangerous toying with a multiverse can be. The idea is based on theories that multiple universes exist within the same realm, but we as humans haven’t figured out exactly how to travel through these other dimensions. However, with the help of the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider it’s possible the multiverse could be opened very soon.

Details on How a Real Life Multiverse Could Open in July This Summer

The Large Hadron Collider is a massive particle accelerator that gives scientists the ability to violently smash subatomic particles together to recreate a big bang to mimic the theory of how the Universe was created. The artifacts this collision creates are studied to discover more intricate details about their mass, which gives us a better understanding of the universe we know so little about.

View Inside the Large Hadron Collider

The massive machine lies beneath the ground in Geneva, and is around 16.77 miles long. It works by using around 1,000 dipole magnets that guide the massive projections of particles in opposite directions around the circular tunnel. When the LHC was turned on the first time in 2008 it was the start of an experiment that would span two decades.

Dipole Magnets Used with Large Hadron Collider

In 2019 the Large Hadron Collider was shutdown to allow engineers to do repairs and add technology upgrades before preparing for the historic restart. Now just this past April it was restarted with hopes of conducting experiments that dwarf the scope of the previous studies that helped CERN scientists discover the Higgs Boson particle, which is considered the foundation the Higgs field that gives mass to fundamental particles of the universe such as electrons.

According to a report from Sciencefocus.com physicist Dr. Monica Dunford claims that during this second run the LHC will reach double the total luminosity they achieved before it was shutdown in 2019.

Naturally with news that scientists will be recreating a larger scale Big Bang with the LHC, some people are convinced that may make open a real life multiverse open in July this summer either intentionally or unintentionally.