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Borisa Simanic Injury Video Shows How an Elbow Led to Kidney Removal Surgery During a FIBA Basketball Game

Serbian forward Borisa Simanic has lost one of his kidneys as a result of a severe injury he sustained during a World Cup game against South Sudan on Wednesday, September 4, 2023. Simanic underwent two surgeries in Manila, Philippines, where the tournament is being held, and is currently recovering in a hospital.

How an Elbow Caused Serbian Basketball Player Borisa Simanic to Lose His Kidney

The incident happened when South Sudan’s center Nuni Omot, who wears jersey number 1, elbowed Simanic in his left kidney while making a spin move to the basket. Simanic yelled in obvious pain and fell to his knees a few seconds later. He was immediately taken to the locker room and then transferred to a nearby hospital.

According to the Serbian Basketball Federation, Simanic had complications after the first surgery, which required a second procedure on Sunday, where the kidney was removed. The team doctor, Dragan Radovanovic, said that Simanic had suffered a blunt force trauma to his kidney, which caused bleeding and damage to the organ.

Blunt force trauma to the kidney can occur when there is a sudden impact or force applied to the abdomen or back. This can cause injuries such as bruising, laceration, or rupture of the kidney. Depending on the severity of the injury, doctors may decide to remove part, or all of the kidney to stop the bleeding and prevent further complications.

Simanic’s teammates and coaches expressed their shock and sadness over his condition and wished him a speedy recovery. For all sports fans on social media it was really tough to hear what happened. Simanic is out for the remainder of the World Cup, where Serbia is one of the favorites to win the title. He is also a promising young player who plays for Crvena Zvezda in the EuroLeague.

The Serbian Basketball Federation said that they are not certain when Simanic will be released from the hospital and that they will provide all the necessary support for him and his family. They also thanked the Philippine medical staff and authorities for their assistance and professionalism.

This is probably the first time anyone has ever heard of a professional basketball player losing his kidney on the basketball court. Alonzo Mourning comes to mind, but his kidney was reportedly removed due to complications from medications he was taking, not an on the court injury. He would later get a kidney transplant, and return to the court, but was never the same stats wise.

Moments like these are a reminder of how risky sports are in general can be. Hopefully Simanic can make a full recovery, and return to the court someday.

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