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Brandon Marshall and Chad Johnson Fight Over NFL Contracts And Impact It Has on Race Relations

Brandon Marshall and Chad Johnson’s fight over NFL contracts on “I am Athlete” is going viral. The heated discussion started on the topic of athletes speaking out against social injustice, and the impact their NFL contracts have on when they decide to do so.

Chad Johnson was trying to explain that NFL Athletes only speak out when they have already been paid with guaranteed contracts most cases. Brandon Marshall believes it has nothing to do with money or contract situations. That led to discussion about how NBA players have guaranteed contracts, while most NFL players don’t.

Brandon Marshall believes it’s a fallacy that people believe when it comes to NBA players getting guaranteed contracts. He claims only a few NBA players on each team actually have contracts that are 100% guaranteed, which is partially true while also being mostly untrue.

While people credit NBA players for starting the movement of a large number of athletes taking public stands against racism, Brandon Marshall believes the NFL was the pioneers of that movement. In particular he believes Colin Kaepernick taking knee is what really made other athletes feel comfortable enough to speak their minds publicly. He called out NBA players for what he feels are weak statements like wearing a t-shirt with a slogan against social injustice for 1 game then doing nothing else.

However, the NFL examples Brandon Marshall used in terms of NFL players that take public stands against social injustice seemed to support Chad Johnson’s arguments that NFL players only speak out after they have already been paid handsomely from their contracts, and know their money is guaranteed. For example Brandon Marshall brought up Russell Wilson even though he only took a knee after he already signed a massive guaranteed contract.

In essence Chad Johnson feels athletes will only talk when they know they won’t lose money. He feels this is why NBA player speak out more often, because most have partially guaranteed contracts unlike most NFL players. He told Brandon Marshall he needs to “wake up”, and see what’s really going on.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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