Vladimir Putin’s supervillain house in Sochi, Russia is going viral for it’s very unique design. The house was allegedly designed by Roman Vlasov.


Based on the photos, his house it made up of one extremely large floor that sits atop two pillar like structures that are taller than the trees surrounding it. It looks exactly like the kind of house you would expect to see in Batman or Iron Man movie, or almost like Justice League headquarters. The photo has made people dub Vladimir Putin a “real life supervillain”.

Judging from the design it seems the only way to get to this house would be by helicopter, which shouldn’t be problem for the president of a country. It’s clear Vladimir Putin isn’t afraid of heights, because standing on the balcony edge of the house would be simply terrifying if he was.

How much do you think that cost to build?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff